About Us

The Speedpak team is dedicated to providing customers with efficient, reliable and innovative packing, logistics and order fulfilment solutions.

Led by Operations Manager Patrick McCarthy and Assistant Operations Manager Sabrina McDonald, our specialist team is proud of its strong 20-year plus track record in solving problems for customers from a variety of industries.

We take our work seriously – recognising the need for speed, care and security. And, we acknowledge the responsibility associated with being the last contact with your valuable goods before they reach their final destination.

We focus on constantly improving the service we provide through:

  • learning from each unique project we work on, and applying that learning
  • keeping up with inventory management, logistics and fulfilment technologies and adopting the most effective
  • partnering with customers so we can learn and develop together

Supporting Wholesalers and Retailers with Shelf-ready Solutions

Our wholesale and retail customers rely on us to deliver custom packs of products in small and large quantities. We recognise the fast-moving nature of retail and so we respond accordingly. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure stocks are efficiently managed to meet the cycles of demand throughout the year.

Supporting Marketing Campaigns

Speedpak provides services to support new product launches and a variety of promotional and marketing campaigns. We ensure that samples and promotion materials are well presented and efficiently distributed.

Supporting Print & Publishing

We undertake a wide range of projects for printing and publishing businesses that include assembly of printed products and publications, collation of multi-page documents, packing, addressing and mailing or delivery of documents.

Supporting Online Retailers

We fulfil web orders, manage stocks and process returns for online traders. Our service minimises the burden of employing and training people and hiring or buying facilities.

This offers clients the opportunity to concentrate on marketing and product management without having to invest in fulfilment and inventory management.

We like Special Projects!

We respond to special requests from customers who need customised solutions. Our range of skills include design, marketing, sourcing, logistics and assembly-to-order.


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