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The Speedpak team is dedicated to providing efficient, reliable and innovative packing, assembly and order fulfilment solutions.

With skills in manufacturing, inventory management, marketing, design, sourcing, logistics and assembly-to-order we respond proactively and effectively to special requests from our customers who want the best outcomes for their customers.

We dedicate our e-commerce fulfilment service to honouring your customer orders with speed, accuracy and reliability.

This service goes beyond pick, pack and ship to feature a range of outsourced, value-added processes that include sorting, collating, assembly, kitting, customisation, materials sourcing and even manufacturing.

We integrate with popular online shopping cart systems enabling us to dispatch your customer orders promptly.


What else can we help you with?

Break Bulk & Pack

Speedpak’s Break Bulk & Pack service brings convenience to you and your customers.

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We provide an extensive range of quality-controlled contract packing and co-packing services to transform your inventory efficiently.

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Returns Processing

We deal swiftly and effectively with orders that have been returned by your online customers.

Returns Processing

Labelling & Barcoding

We can print and apply your barcode and serial number labels for traceability and point-of-sale scanning.

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Kit Assembly

We work with you to implement and assemble your unique and creative display and promotion ideas.

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Promotion Packing

We provide standard and customised twinning and multi-packing services.

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