Break Bulk & Pack

Speedpak’s Break Bulk & Pack service brings convenience to you and your customers.

This service involves the break-down of large quantities of stock into smaller quantities and new or customised configurations.

Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and large retailers!

We take great care with your products and ensure that they leave our warehouse according to your required specifications.


Why Break Bulk & Pack?

Make the most of your bulk purchase savings and introduce convenience into your supply chain by using our efficient break bulk and pack service.

Outsourcing to Speedpak will help you reduce the burden of employing and training people or hiring the kind of facilities needed to carry out such an operation.

Break Bulk & Pack Service Options

Speedpak offers a range of supporting services including boxing, bagging, shrink wrapping, labelling and sourcing customised packaging. We can organise pick-up, receiving, storage, inventory management and delivery of goods.

We can also provide comprehensive reporting on orders, shipments and inventory levels via a client dashboard.

We work with you to design and develop the most appropriate process to ensure that both you and your customer are very satisfied.


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