Kit Assembly

We assemble customised product promotion kits to your specifications.

With over 20 years of project-based packing experience, we have hand-assembled a vast array of kits requiring special packing or assembly instructions.

We follow customer specifications and provide creative solutions for complex, and sometimes challenging, packing, display and merchandising projects. We work with you to implement your unique and creative display and promotion ideas.

What is Kit Assembly?

Kit assembly is a packing or product finishing process that cannot be fully automated and so must be carried out entirely or partially by hand.

We take care in setting up assembly lines to ensure quality, service efficiency and product integrity.

We assemble...

  • shelf-ready, retail selection packs with multiple product configurations
  • product sample sets, display packs and presentation packs
  • small-run and/or multiple-item hampers, gift packs and promotional packs that require a creative, artistic or individual touch
  • point-of-sale display units that coincide with one-off promotional campaigns
  • document sets

Related services include...

  • hand assembly
  • barcoding and labelling
  • label design and printing
  • shrink wrapping, shrink sleeving, poly-bagging, cello-wrapping, sleeve-wrapping, banding, bag sealing / heat sealing
  • point-of-sale display stand assembly and stocking


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