Labelling & Barcoding

We print a wide range of barcode and serial number labels.

We print and apply your unique bar code and serial number labels, in a variety of sizes, for traceability, inventory control, pricing and point-of-sale scanning.

We apply these labels to product packs that we have configured in-house and we also supply printed barcode labels on request.

As part of our merchandising services, we source and attach instructional, novelty, gift and sale labels to boxed and packaged goods including promotional products, packs and hampers.

We label products or provide barcode labels for:

  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • retailers

Learn more about barcodes!

The International/European Article Number [EAN] and Universal Product Code [UPC] barcodes are the most widely-used of all GS1 standard barcodes and are suitable for retail use as well as for distribution and logistics.

For information on registering for a barcode (including the pricing involved) and to obtain a barcode licence for your products in Ireland you should visit the GS1 website at:


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