Preparing for Brexit

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Preparing for Brexit

Are You Prepared for Brexit?

One of the biggest problems resulting from Britain’s decision to leave the EU is the uncertainty it is causing for businesses and markets. Even identifying the kinds of issues to be dealt with will be a struggle for many.

Outlined below is a list of resources that we have found helpful in preparing for Brexit. These will help you identify the challenges–and possibly even some opportunities–that will support your planning through these uncertain times.

Brexit Resources

‘PREPARE FOR BREXIT’ – Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Prepare for Brexit’ website features a comprehensive range of services and supports designed to address your business exposure to Brexit.

The site provides information on (online) customs training covering the customs processes necessary for the movement of goods to, from and through the UK. The site also provides a ‘Brexit SME Scorecard’, information on advisory services and on grant aid for action planning.

‘GETTING IRELAND BREXIT-READY’ – Department of the Taoiseach, Irish Government

This regularly-updated Irish Government website provides Brexit-related information for citizens and businesses. It also provides information on issues relating to Northern Ireland.

‘BREXIT AND BUSINESS’ – Department of the Taoiseach, Irish Government

‘Brexit and Business’ features the latest practical advice from the Irish Government, working to explain the different ways that the UK decision to leave the EU may impact on businesses.

‘TRADING WITH THE UK’ – Department of the Taoiseach, Irish Government

This site provides advice and information on post-Brexit trading with the UK relating to VAT issues, excisable products as well as animal, plant, food, drink and healthcare products.

GETTING IRELAND BREXIT READY’ – Department of Foreign Affairs, Irish Government

This Department of Foreign Affairs website provides information on the important steps that are being taken to prepare for Brexit, including the supports and information available to citizens, businesses and others with specific concerns about how the UK’s departure from the EU will affect them. The site features links to a range of Brexit resources relating to businesses and individuals.

‘BREXIT MENTOR PROGRAMME’ – Local Enterprise Offices

The Brexit Mentor Programme is designed to support Local Enterprise Office clients in identifying key areas of Brexit-related exposure and to assist business owners in developing robust strategies to address challenges and maximise potential opportunities.