Promotion Packing

Multi-packing and Twinning are proven ways to effectively promote your products and optimise the use of valuable retail space.

We provide standard and customised multi-packing and twinning solutions that include shrink-wrapping, boxing, bagging and banding.

Our operations can process large and small volume orders speedily and efficiently.

What is Multi-packing?

Multi-packing or twinning typically involve wrapping two or more products together to be sold as a single unit often as part of a retail promotion. We use durable shrink wrapping that ensures merchandise is secure and branding is clearly visible.

Why Multi-pack?

Twinning and multi-packing encourages higher sales and greater use of a product as well as offering convenience to retailers and their customers. It is also used to:
  • introduce a new product as part of a ‘two-for-one’ or discount campaign
  • reward a customer by attaching a gift
  • promote the use of a complementary or similar product at a discounted price
  • help smoothe out product life-cycle blips and reduce excess stock
  • experiment with multiple product configurations
  • facilitate protection, shipping and storing of goods

To date we have twinned, banded and multi-packed bottles, bags, packets, boxes, books, documents and greeting cards.

Products can be twinned by:

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