Returns Processing

Our returns processing service is designed to deal swiftly and effectively with orders that have been returned – for whatever reason – by your online customers.

The annual worldwide e-commerce growth rate is increasing steadily. Reflecting this, we have recently introduced a returns processing service as well as a returns depot service for fulfilment customers.

Speedpak's returns processing software will use your shipping files to match items returned to customer orders. This facilitates prompt receiving and refunds processing.

For B2B customers Speedpak can provide a returns portal which authorises returns and prints a label for the customer containing the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) reference.

We ensure your returns are processed correctly and swiftly in order to minimise time and money outlays and to optimise customer satisfaction, leaving you to focus on sales.

Our service

We focus on constantly improving the service we provide through:

  • receiving returned goods
  • validating and matching returns to original shipments
  • updating inventory and order systems
  • inspecting returned products for suitability to return to stock, trash or for repairs
  • return authorisations and dispositions
  • notifying our customer that a credit or replacement is due
  • dealing with problem returns (e.g. when a returned item is incorrectly packaged or a returns slip is absent or incorrect)
  • matching to customer order systems
  • comprehensive return logistics

Reverse Logistics

Returns processing is part of what is often referred to as ‘reverse logistics’. Processing a return involves more than a simple back-track of the sales and distribution process.

Returns, unforeseen or otherwise, can place a significant burden on an online retailer especially when its distribution process has been efficiently designed to operate in one direction only.

Through scenario planning – specifically focussed on your products – we help develop the most effective returns process and policy so you can continue to offer the highest standard of customer service.

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