SpeedPAK & eBay Orders & Deliveries

Speedpak CLG has operated its Speedpak Contract Services contract packing and fulfilment business in Dublin, Ireland since its foundation in 1995.

Since April 2018, we have been receiving large numbers of enquiries on a daily basis, from eBay customers who have had their orders shipped using an eBay-backed, China-based courier service called SpeedPAK, which was set up around that time.

Please note that we are in no way connected to or affiliated with eBay or their Chinese carrier SpeedPAK and we do not undertake any services for either.

We have contacted eBay on numerous occasions to inform them of the increasing number of telephone calls and emails we receive from their customers.

As we are now overwhelmed with complaints and enquiries, we can no longer respond to their customers’ email and calls.

We hope you have the opportunity to resolve your issue with eBay and their fulfilment carrier.

15th December 2018